The Eletype Digital Assistant

Stop losing time, money, and clients.

“Eletype caught it.”

If you don’t have Eletype, you won’t know what you’re missing—and that’ll cost you! Find out more about our Slack-based digital assistant and how we support your marketing operations below.

Landing Page Monitoring on Slack with Eletype

Intelligent Notifications

Who can keep track of all those dashboards? Bueller? Especially if you’re juggling multiple campaigns with various ad accounts, it’s virtually impossible. Eletype offers a much-needed layer of intelligence that allows your marketing team to bypass confusing dashboards for regular monitoring, and sleep better at night.

  • Search Marketing – Google Ads, Google PPC
  • Social Media – Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads
  • Email Marketing – MailChimp
  • Telephony Monitoring – CallRail
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Landing Page Monitoring on Slack with Eletype

Landing Page and Site Monitoring

Never get caught off-guard by a sudden change in landing pages again with our real-time monitoring. Ensure that every click your marketing team sends to a site can convert into a sale with our advanced page, form and pixel monitoring.

  • Landing Pages
  • Forms
  • Pixels and Tags
  • E-Commerce Carts
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Landing Page Monitoring on Slack with Eletype

Automatic and DIY Rules

The Eletype Digital Assistant provides daily summaries and automatic anomaly detection for all of your campaigns. All notifications are quantified and curated using our impact analysis algorithms that ensure your team is only notified when there are major opportunities to take advantage of or problems to resolve. Want additional monitoring? Then try our self-service rule configuration feature.


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Unlimited Users at No Additional Cost

Your Slack workspace is the user. There’s no constraint on how many people use it.

Team-first Messaging-first

Our digital marketing assistant handles monitoring data in real-time, eliminating the potential for human error. That’s what AI is there for, after all.

Feel Confident in Your Marketing

You launched your campaigns, you reviewed your ads, you designed your pages. (Yay!) Now we’ll make sure it’s you never miss a beat. We’ve got you covered. (Phew!)