The smartest way to stay on top of your marketing campaigns.

Intelligent monitoring and alerting that helps marketers gain better insight into campaign performance and improve results.

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Campaign Monitoring

Today’s multi-channel marketing campaigns are becoming more and more complicated by the day. Quickly recognize and fix campaign problems, and take advantage of opportunities.

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Eletype is the secret weapon behind consistent, positive, campaign performance. You’ll have confidence knowing that someone is always on call.



Eletype is available in Slack and MS Teams because a messaging-centric approach is the only way to remove friction between marketing analytics and marketing action.

Available in Slack

“Eletype saves everyone time and energy that’s better applied to the more creative, important, and enjoyable parts of your job.”
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Our Price Plans



Ideal for small teams

  • 4 Total Connections
  • Up to $10k Ad Spend
  • Daily Monitoring
  • Marketing Monitoring
  • Page Monitoring
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Ideal for small agencies

  • 20 Total Connections
  • Up to $100k Ad Spend
  • Hourly Monitoring
  • Marketing Monitoring
  • Page Monitoring
  • eComm Monitoring
  • Custom Configurations
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Unlimited Connections
Real-time Monitoring

Ideal for large agencies

  • Unlimited Ad Spend
  • Marketing Monitoring
  • Page Monitoring
  • Ecomm Monitoring
  • Custom Monitors
  • Dedicated Support
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We are working with today’s top digital marketing agencies to monitor all of their search, social, and email marketing campaigns to ensure that they never miss a beat.

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