4 Tips for the 4th of July

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Happy Independence Day Everyone! 🇺🇸

Independence from your email inbox is one of the reasons we use Slack almost exclusively for internal communication at Eletype (and increasingly so for client and partner communication), but Slack can get… well… cluttered and noisy as well.  So as we enter a holiday week, here are 4 tips for getting the most out of Slack.

Use Filters and Notifications 🛎️

If your team is like our team, you probably belong to multiple Slack workspaces each with multiple, if not hundreds, of users. It’s obviously going to get noisy, so take 5 minutes to set up some keyword filtering and notifications.

If you are having trouble keeping track of what’s important to you, first start by adding keyword notifications. Add keywords for the topics you care about and get a notification that takes you right to that conversation asap.

How many channels does your Slack workspace have? Ours has over 30 and guess what, some aren’t as important as others. Did you know you can control the notifications per channel? Do this now: Click on the gear icon at the top right of the channel you are in then turn off notifications for unimportant channels and turn them on (or at least @mentions) for the critical channels.

Pins & Stars 📌🌟

Pinning a message to a Slack channel is a great way to preserve important information so all new members of this channel are aware of it. This is ideal for pinning rules, FAQs, and to-do’s, to the Slack channel

Want to group a lot of important messages together? Star a message to group messages across channels. This is great for personal reminders and task list creation.

Phone, Video, Screenshare 📞 📹 🖥️

Part of using Slack effectively is knowing when not to use Slack. Sometimes it makes sense to have a phone call, a video conference, or to do a screen share. Most people don’t know that all of this is available directly within your Slack channel. Try it now, click the phone icon at the top of any Slack channel and start a call, video, or to do a screen share.

Make It Fun 🎂

If your team is not having fun in Slack you are doing it wrong! Every team should immediately create their own custom emoji’s, Head over to Customize Slack and select Emojis. Give it a try!


Looking for a fun Slack app? Try Giphy and Vlipsy to add GIFs and videos to your Slack conversations.

Bonus tip ☝️

When you get an email in Gmail rather than forwarding it to your team send it to Slack for discussion. Get the Slack for Gmail app immediately:

I hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July this week. Enjoy time with friends and family and I hope this blog helps you enjoy your time in Slack as well!


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