The smartest way to stay on top of your marketing campaigns.

Intelligent monitoring → Your digital assistant automatically monitors all your campaigns to help bridge the gap between insight and action.

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Campaign Monitoring

Today’s multi-channel marketing campaigns are becoming more complex by the day. Bridge the gap between campaign data to business outcomes.

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Eletype is the secret weapon behind consistent budget utilization. You’ll have confidence knowing that someone is always watching your ad spend.



Reduce the number of meetings and emails by collaborating with Decision Makers from the beginning. Keep the entire team engaged from start to finish.

Available where work is done

“Eletype saves everyone time and energy that’s better applied to the more creative, important, and enjoyable parts of your job.”
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“Only 27% of time is spent on skilled work. This includes tasks such as writing code or market analysis. And just 13% of time is spent on big-picture strategy and planning for the future.”


Our Price Plans



Ideal for small teams

  • 4 Total Connections
  • Up to $10k Ad Spend
  • Daily Monitoring
  • Marketing Monitoring
  • Page Monitoring
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Ideal for growing agencies

  • 20 Total Connections
  • Up to $100k Ad Spend
  • Hourly Monitoring
  • Marketing Monitoring
  • Page Monitoring
  • eComm Monitoring
  • Custom Configurations
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Ideal for large agencies

  • Unlimited Ad Spend
  • Marketing Monitoring
  • Page Monitoring
  • Ecomm Monitoring
  • Custom Monitors
  • Dedicated Support
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