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Eletype inside ATDC Startup Showcase 2019

Now in its 33rd year, the ATDC Startup Showcase is Georgia’s largest spring technology event. This year’s Showcase will be held April 18 at the Georgia Tech Hotel and Conference Center and will feature more than 75 of the state’s most promising and emerging startups from across the state, including Atlanta, Savannah, Athens, Macon, and Augusta.

Eleype Team Presenting inside of ATDC Showcase 2019We are here live at the ATDC Startup Showcase. Kicking off the 33rd year with Georgia’s largest Spring tech event, the ATDC Startup Showcase is inside the Georgia Tech Hotel and Conference Center. The Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC) is showcasing 75+ emerging startups across the state of Georgia, including Atlanta, Savannah, Athens, Macon, and Augusta. This cataclysmic event  brings startups out into the open to demonstrate their progress and fruition. For many startups, it’s a time to shine as they release new products and announce new offerings. Forbes named ATDC to its list of “Incubators Changing the World” in 2010 and 2013, alongside Y Combinator and the Palo Alto Research Center.

Matt McConnell - ATDC Startup Showcase2019 Keynote SpeakerMatt McConnell, the Atlanta entrepreneur and co-founder of Intradiem, will serve as the keynote speaker of the 2019 ATDC Startup Showcase.

Why we chose ATDC

If you have a chance to attend this showcase, you’ll know exactly why ATDC companies have generated 12B+ revenue. That’s 12 Billion dollars and growing since their inception on1980.

A few more fun facts about ATDC:

  • Since 1987, ATDC’s 150 graduates have collectively raised more than $2 billion in capital. In 2013 alone, ATDC Signature companies merited $50+ million in capital.
  • Since 2012, ATDC’s Industry Connect program has resulted in contracts between ATDC Signature and Fortune 1000 companies generating more than $7 million in revenue for our companies.
  • Forty-eight percent of ATDC Signature graduates have successfully been acquired, merged with other firms, or launched an IPO. One percent have completed a successful IPO, three percent have profitably merged with another company and forty-four percent have been profitably acquired.

Being a member of ATDC has its perks.
We have enjoyed the following:

When it came down to choosing where we would call our home and start the foundation, ATDC was an obvious choice. Our team is proud to be there today presenting in the showcase alongside companies that will go on to graduate.ATDC 2019

The ATDC Class of 2019

  • Evident: simplifies the complicated world of personal data and security by providing a secure API that allow enterprises to obtain and use verified personal data from individuals, without the risk and expense of securing it.
  • Florence Healthcare: Florence eBinder Suite software helps deliver new breakthroughs sooner by freeing clinical teams to spend more time with patients and less time managing tasks and documentation processes required by the FDA.
  • Pointivo: Provides technology that captures dimensionally accurate 3D models and measurements of any scene or structure using just a smartphone video camera – no laser scanners or no special hardware required.
  • Sideqik: An all-in-one influencer marketing automation platform that helps brands discover and activate the right influencers, and quantify their campaigns with end-to-end measurement.
  • ThingTech: Leverages the Internet of Things (IoT) to connect public and private sector organizations to their data in real-time thereby providing them with new insights into the best ways to dramatically reduce operational costs, operate more efficiently, and ultimately provide the best customer service experience to all their end-point customers.

What’s New with Eletype

Eletype is presenting in the ATDC Showcase for the 2nd year and here’s what is new

  • Our real-time monitoring service is faster than ever thanks to our developers.
  • We added CallRail and Mailchimp to our mix with future plans for Amazon Advertising and Hubspot.
  • Based on our customers feedback we added additional A.I. that helps with muting certain notifications and changing the frequency of updates

Ad Agency teams love using our app on Slack. It completely updates your marketing operations. After testing in the Winter months, we have begun to roll out incredible advances to our technology to help prevent catastrophic campaign loses. Instead of waiting weeks to find out a landing page is down, you find out about it right away. With our customer base growing daily, we continue to receive feedback and support from you and we thank you for it.


About Eletype

Eletype is a leader in team-based digital marketing technology. Eletype is working with digital advertising agencies, specifically with search and social media teams to help automate their campaign monitoring. Our 100% messaging-first approach is what we call ‘last-mile’ analytics. We turn insight into action so marketing agencies can save time, reduce mistakes, and improve performance for their clients.

Eletype is a Slack, Mailchimp, HubSpot and CallRail partner. Eletype is a Techstars backed company.

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