Our Favorite Slack Apps of 2019

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Slack Year In Review

Slack has had quite the past 12 months. Beginning the year with some strong Q1 results, Slack began the process of their direct public listing. However, this DPO process was not as friendly as Slack had hoped it would be as WORK is down significantly to end the year. ?But for the record, Slack is still valued at 18x earnings… and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Prior to the DPO, Microsoft took advantage of Slack’s mandatory quiet period to publish some of their newest numbers. Since then, Slack and Teams have been in a constant battle for users which we wrote about extensively in our previous blog post.  However, Slack continues to grow their user count as they release new features and noteworthy Slack apps.

We thought we would conclude the year with a list of our favorite Slack apps. But first, let’s talk about the paid version of Slack.

Why pay for Slack?

Currently about 30% of Slack are actually paying for it. Why you ask?  Well, here is why we pay for it at Eletype.

Reason 1 – History, history, history. With paid Slack ALL of your messages are archived and searchable. When running a business this is critical. ?

Reason 2 – Shared Channels. Slack recently announced shared channels. This was a game changer for us as we have many shared channels with our customers. This not only cuts down on email, but it increases transparency and accountability for everyone. ?

Reason 3 – Slack Calls and Screen share. We LOVE having screenshare built right into Slack. Instantly take a thread into a conference call with screen share. ??

Reason 4 – Unlimited Apps. Of course we love this. Hey, we are a Slack app, we want you all on the paid version of Slack so you can install all the Slack apps you want. On that note…

We have some favorite apps, we surveyed the team and here is what we ❤️:

Google Calendar ?

Seemingly obvious, but the Google Ecosystem has become an essential part of many organizations. This app is an easy answer to the integration of your calendar events and your Slack workplace. Get notifications, respond to invites, and manage your status through Google Calendar’s Slack app. It doesn’t require much of a learning curve and although its features are limited, it is still essential for any organized workplace.


  • Calendar Reminders
  • Team Meetings
  • Slack Status Updates direct from your calendar
  • Calendar Invitations

Matt Gohr – “I love Google calendar’s slack app because it keeps my calendar notifications up to date in my slack workspace, so I never miss a meeting” 

Clubhouse ?

For any development teams that use Clubhouse to manage their projects, this app will further simplify your management and communications. Clubhouse is a way for developers and other stakeholders to keep track of development tickets.  Cross-functional teams use it to keep track of deadlines and helps keep everyone up to date on the development process.


  • Turn a message into a story
  • Send Updates into Slack
  • View story information right in the Slack App

LedomClubhouse allows us to create tickets right from our conversation about the issue. It also stores reference to that conversation right in the ticket.”

Matt Gohr“I like the clubhouses Slack app because it allows the team to collaborate, create and modify tickets right inside Slack”

Google Drive ?

Another must have for any Slack user involved in the google ecosystem. This app adds all you can do through email and more to your Slack workspace. Create new files, update sharing preferences, reply to comments, and more all within Slack. An essential for any company using Google Drive.


  • Manage Sharing and Access
  • Drive Updates
  • Create new files
  • Comments into Slack Thread

Mike“My favorite Slack app is Google Drive. We run Eletype on Slack and G-Suite. Having the Google Drive Slack app helps me stay on top of what needs attention in all of our various Google Docs and Google Sheets. ”

CallRail ☎️

For anyone using the Callrail call monitoring systems, this app is a must. Get alerts on your calls and data right in your Slack texts. Slack has become an essential tool in marketing teams, and the Callrail app allows these teams to review and analyze data all within Slack.


  • Call, text, and form notifications
  • Data Analysis right in Slack

“The notification about Abandoned calls helped send 3 leads to our client that may have been missed due to a technical error in their phone system” – Customer feedback

For more information check out Callrail’s website

Giphy ?

No explanation needed, every Slack workspace needs some gifs. Install the Giphy app to send gifs directly from the Slack app.


  • Send Gifs
  • The ability to preview gifs before sending

Cortlin – “No workplace or channel is complete without a couple of good gifs per week”

Pro tip: Here are some secret Giphy Slack commands: Check it out. 

Asana ?

If you are like most Slack Teams, Slack is a great place to discuss projects and tasks. Asana does a great job of integrating projects and tasks into messages and vice versa. Slack has excellent integration with Asana. Read more about it here.


  • Updates Tasks
  • Turn a message into a Task
  • Notifications
  • Tasks linked to channels

Slack Foundry

Slack foundry is one of Slack’s newer releases. You can think of it kind of like a crash course in Slack with three different tutorials on Slack use. It is a great way to onboard new employees, or to improve anybody’s Slack proficiency.


  • Getting Started with Slack Tutorial
  • Working in Slack Tutorial
  • Being a Slack Admin Tutorial

Ledom– “Having written Slack apps, I thought I knew everything Slack has to offer. The Slack Foundry taught me new tools I didn’t know existed and gave me a bunch of ideas for adding new features to our existing apps.”


Every engineering team relies on GitHub. Ours is no different. Bring your code to the conversations you care about with the GitHub and Slack app. With two of your most important workspaces connected, you’ll get updates about what’s happening on GitHub—without leaving Slack.

Tune in next week when we will discuss the state of messaging platforms and what to look for in 2020.

Until then,

Happy New Year!

Your Friends at Eletype

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