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New Features for Agencies - Eletype

New Features for Agencies

By August 27, 2019 July 14th, 2020 No Comments

More Features For Agencies

Happy Tuesday everyone! Let’s talk about some features we are building for agencies.

A little background first. I spoke at a marketing agency conference earlier in the year and talked about “The Rise of Messaging Platforms” where we discussed the current state of messaging, how it got that way, and what is driving the proliferation of tools like Slack and MS Teams.

It is not an understatement to say messaging represents nothing less than a generational shift in where work happens. It certainly has changed how we do business as marketing professionals, not to mention how work gets done in general. It makes sense right? Marketing agencies are well suited for taking advantage of messaging platforms. They are young, mobile-first, often remote or on flexible schedules, and most likely find email cumbersome and tedious. I know I do! Side note: We have eliminated email for internal communication at Eletype. 

So it was no surprise when we surveyed the audience we found that 95% of agencies used Slack. (the remaining 5% were MS Teams, more on that later). At this point we were becoming more and more convinced that Eletype should start to consider agencies as not just customers, but as our primary use case.

In doing so, we quickly found that certain parts of our application weren’t suited perfectly for an agency setting. For starters, agencies wanted more control over the monitoring rules. Early on we just did custom rules for agencies, not super scalable, but it got the job done. Then last month we released self-service rule configuration to address that issue.

Pro tip: Click the gear icon to make your own monitoring rule.

Next up was the problem with scale. An individual marketing professional or small marketing team may only have a few ad accounts to manage while an agency will have dozens if not hundreds to manage. In fact, we are working with a team right now that has 3 people responsible for over 300 ad accounts. Do the math, that is 100+ ad accounts… per person!

Now, if you’ve used Eletype, you’ll know that 100 ad accounts in one Slack channel is too much. Even though we curate and filter notifications per ad account, if you add 100 (or even 10) it’s a lot.

Multi-Account Grouping

We knew this one was coming for awhile and we are releasing it this week. Multi-account Grouping! Yay! Now when you add more than one ad account to a Slack channel you will see everything grouped. Data is now aggregated across every account you’ve added to the Slack channel. Summaries are grouped while warnings and alerts are ranked and filtered across all accounts, campaigns, and ad sets.

What does that mean exactly? The Eletype impact analysis is now looking across and within all accounts and quantifying impact and severity relative to every account and campaign being monitored within that channel. As usual, big campaigns are given more weight, the only difference is that we are looking across all campaigns that are being monitored.

Here is what it looks like when you add additional connections:

And here is your daily grouped daily summary:

As mentioned, our impact analysis is also… well, impacted, by the grouping. That is a topic for another blog post, perhaps next week.

Campaign-Level Rules

Next up, quick question, what is missing from self-service rule configuration??

Well, this one should have been obvious, and in hindsight it was, but monitoring rules at the ad account level completely ignores the different strategies that exist at the campaign-level. So we fixed that this week with campaign-level rule filters.

Here is what it looks like:

How does it work? It’s pretty simple, add a comma delimited set of values to force this rule to only apply to campaigns that contain these values. In the above example, the rule would apply to a campaign named “Pied Piper B2B – NYC” and would not be enforced for a campaign named “Pied Piper Awareness – US-All.” It would also be applied to a campaign named “Hooli LEAD_GEN – EU.” Simple enough, right?

More agency-requested features are coming in the coming weeks. Keep an eye open for updates on features like Issue Download, Impact Scoring, Bulk Connection Loading and more…

Oh yeah, we forgot about MS Teams… Remember when I said that 95% of agencies we surveyed used Slack? Well, turns out, many of the larger agencies (especially those in the Dentsu umbrella) are Microsoft shops. We will revisit MS Teams as a blog topic later this year and, rest assured, we are working on it.

Until next week, we hope you enjoyed the update!


PS. Let us know if you are headed to HubSpot Inbound next week!


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