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Landing Page Down? – Eletype

Landing Page Down?

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We’ve all been there

You spend days strategizing and painstakingly designing a new campaign for the client. You’ve got the creative looking hot and the targeting dialed in just right. On the surface the campaigns appear to be running smoothly, You are under pressure so you move on to the next campaign, the next strategy, the next client. You take it for granted that the underlying landing page is going to be the same on Day 1 as it is on Day 10. (hint: It never is)

It happens more than you think, but that page is likely not under your control and, let’s face it, sh*t happens. More specifically, your client happens. They make a change to that page that can ruin the campaign you and your team worked so hard on.

It’s a scenario we run across all of the time here at Eletype and it’s a scenario we want to eliminate. I’ve experienced it first hand. Many times, the team responsible for the marketing campaigns is not the team responsible for the underlying landing page. But when there is a problem on that page that negatively impacts the marketing campaign you can be damn sure the marketing team will be held accountable for the deteriorating results.

How often does this happen…

You are at a meeting with the client. This month’s results are down, but it’s not your fault, it’s the clients fault! They changed the page you say. They didn’t tell you about the website update! (again?!!) You are right. It is their fault, but if you win that argument you will be faced with a Pyrrhic victory that you and your agency would rather have avoided.

That’s why we built Landing Page Monitoring as a core piece of our solution. Pages are down or problematic way more than we know or would like to admit.

Here are some recent customer examples:

In the first example we see a common and very severe case of a page, most likely a micro-site, that was down for 2 days straight. This can be caused by any number of things, but regardless of the reason, active clicks were being sent to this page and wasting tons of money.

In the second example, a different site, we see problematic and intermittent page problems that occurred over the course of a full week.

The third example is a case of very erratic downtime over the course of 3 weeks. Who knows what was happening here, but we know clicks were being sent to this site and it was down for a considerable amount of time. In this case the site owner failed to notify the agency. Good thing we caught it.

Finally, in this fourth example, you can see a site that has nightly restarts. It impacts every campaign, every night, at 11pm when the site is rebooted which is not normally a problem since this customer isn’t generating conversions at 11pm, except look at 5/29/2019, on that day the sh*t hit the fan, all day. All campaigns were impacted throughout the day.

So what can be done?

Because we have lived this, we built in a 24/7 landing page monitoring solution that looks at every destination URL for all live ads that are running every day. The Eletype page monitor is constantly checking to see if the page is up, if it is rendering in a timely fashion, and that it contained the appropriate pixels/tags for you marketing conversion tracking.

Eletype is triple checking pages before we throw an alert. What does that mean? If a page is down or unresponsive we check every 10 minutes for a half an hour before we throw an alert. So an alert in Slack means the page was down or unresponsive for at least 30 minutes.

Here is what it looks like in action:

Big Problem: This Ad Account is driving traffic to a page that is down.

Less Problematic, but noteworthy: This Ad Account is driving traffic to a page that is slow.

No Pixel? No Tracking. This happens all of the time.

Page Down, Page Slow, and Pixel Missing are available out-of-the-box, but we’ve done some more complicated page and cart monitoring for some enterprise customers.

In this example, our page monitor is checking to ensure that all products can get put in a cart:

Cart testing for Enterprise customers

Page Monitoring gets overlooked in a lot of what we do, but it happens more frequently than I think we’d all like to admit. Hopefully this helps!

Welcome Mentors!

In other news this week, we are fortunate to have the following mentors join the team:


This is a dreamteam and we are fortunate to have them on our team!

Until next week,

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