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Eletype saves everyone time and energy that’s better applied to the more creative, important, and enjoyable parts of your job.- SlackHQ

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People are taking notice, Eletype is defining what digital marketing monitoring can look like. Leveraging collaborative platforms like Slack will turn marketing intelligence into marketing action.

We are taking a 2 pronged approach to Digital Marketing monitoring:

  1. Campaign Monitoring to cover all of your daily campaign checks. Don’t get caught off guard by sudden changes in key metrics. We will let you know if there is anything that requires attention directly in dedicated Slack channels. Learn more here: Facebook Monitoring and Google Ads Monitoring.
  2. Landing Page Monitoring ensures that your marketing campaigns are never driving traffic to pages that can’t convert. We are constantly checking uptime, performance, pixel/tag checks, and for our e-commerce customers we will confirm that products are in-stock and able to be carted. Learn more here: Page Health Monitoring

The best apps for Slack are the ones that automate mundane tasks and cut down on distracting context switching between tools. — SlackHQ

Could there be a more mundane task than checking marketing metrics every day? Not only is this not a great use of your employees time, but it’s prone to mistakes. Combing Slack with digital marketing monitor not only automates the works, but it removes campaign silos and replaces them with team channels so things don’t get missed.

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Facebook Monitoring in action!
Team-based Google Ads Monitoring

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About Eletype

Eletype is a leader in team-based digital marketing technology. Eletype is working with digital advertising agencies, specifically with search and social media teams to help automate their campaign monitoring. Our 100% messaging-first approach is what we call ‘last-mile’ analytics. We turn insight into action so marketing agencies can save time, reduce mistakes, and improve performance for their clients.

Eletype is a Slack, Mailchimp, HubSpot and CallRail partner. Eletype is a Techstars backed company.

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5 Apps to Streamline Communication

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