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Warning – New Feature Alert! - Eletype

Warning – New Feature Alert!

By August 20, 2019 July 14th, 2020 No Comments

Guardrails, those little bumpy things on the shoulder and automated lane assist

Last month we released self-service KPI configurations as part of the Eletype Slack app. This was a highly requested feature and one that was probably more than a few months overdue. If you haven’t used it yet (you should, it’s awesome), you can think of it as the guardrails for your campaigns.

Guardrails is a good metaphor here right? If you are driving down the road the guardrails are what prevents you and your car and everyone in it from careening over the side of a cliff.


Suppose the goal for your marketing campaign is conversions. You can use “/eletype configure” to set up a rule that alerts you when conversion drop below a certain level. Simple enough… but there is something we were missing.

You know when you are drifting out of your lane into the shoulder and you hit those bumpy things that make a lot of noise? Well those are there to warn you that you are about to careen over the side of the cliff if you don’t wake up and pay attention. Thank god for those bumpy things, right??

Note: Those bumpy things are called rumble strips btw. I had to Google it

This week we released a slightly more sophisticated version of the rumble strip, more like lane assist, to gently warn you that your campaign KPI’s are drifting off the road or about to run into danger.

Lane Assist for Marketing Campaigns

This week we are adding warnings to both KPI thresholds and anomaly detection while updating our Impact Analysis algorithm in the process.

Warnings are… well… a warning. They aren’t as severe as alerts and act as a lower priority notification.

Warnings also don’t require any additional configuration and you should start seeing them in your notifications later this week. Due to our impact analysis filtering, you will most likely only see warnings only when there aren’t alerts, but it is possible to have a warning supersede an alert. More on that next week.

Threshold Warnings

When a configured rule approaches the KPI threshold a warning will be triggered when the metric reaches 90% of the target. As it meets or exceeds the threshold the warning will turn into an alert. Like this:

In the above example we have a CPA threshold set at $1.25. As the CPA approaches the threshold we get a warning and as it exceeds the threshold we get an alert. The alert is weighted more severely than the warning and both are factors in the impact analysis that ranks and filters notifications.

Anomaly Warnings

Similar to the Thresholds, Anomalies now have different severity levels that trigger a warning or an alert. Essentially very large anomalies are alerts while lesser anomalies are warnings. Here is an example:.

Finally, in all of these examples you’ll see the gear icon. You can click the gear icon to reconfigure your thresholds at any time.

Next week we are going to talk more about our impact analysis ranking and filtering in addition to our new campaign level KPI filters.

Until then,


P.S. Come see me at the annual I10 Wired Conference if you are in Florida next month.


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