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No UI – does not mean – No UX - Eletype

No UI – does not mean – No UX

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No UI - does not mean No UX

Messaging-first Design

Building in a messaging platform can be challenging. What works in a web app or a mobile app doesn’t always translate into success as a messaging app. At Eletype, we’ve spent the past year honing our approach to messaging-first application development in our digital marketing monitoring solution which can be found in the Slack app directory or via our website. One of things we learned the hard way was that no UI does not mean no UX.

The Medium is the Message

This is an old adage from philosopher Marshall McLuhan, but one that is every bit as relevant today as it was 50 years ago. Messaging Platforms represent nothing less than a once in a decade evolution in how we do business and just like previous new mediums (the PC, the Browser, the Mobile App) we have to consider what messages are best suited for the new medium.

Curious about what works well in messaging platforms and what are the design principles we should follow when building in messaging platforms? These are the questions we are going to answer here over the summer in these weekly emails and blog posts.

No UI does not mean No UX

We will go ahead speak for all Slack developers here when we say that we thought building a messaging app would be super easy because there was no UI we would have to worry about, but for every minute saved not building UI we added at least two minutes worrying about UX. It is really hard to get right! (if you’ve been through this, please share your thoughts!) Throughout this process we learned 3 things very quickly:

  • Messaging is great for some things and terrible for others
  • Balancing signals vs. noise is critical to get dialed properly
  • Leveraging transparency and collaboration is key to building a successful app

Our next emails will be devoted to these topics. In the meantime, please share your thoughts on messaging platform UX challenges!

About Eletype

Eletype is a leader in team-based digital marketing technology. Eletype is working with digital advertising agencies, specifically with search and social media teams to help automate their campaign monitoring. Our 100% messaging-first approach is what we call ‘last-mile’ analytics. We turn insight into action so marketing agencies can save time, reduce mistakes, and improve performance for their clients.

Eletype is a Slack, Mailchimp, HubSpot and CallRail partner. Eletype is a Techstars backed company.

For more information on Eletype features:

To learn more, please read OUR weekly blog.

Here are some selected blog posts:

Learn more about our messaging-centric design philosophy here:

Slack has some great things to say about us:

5 Apps to Streamline Communication

Fabio love slash commands

Eletype news

Slash Commands are rolled out on Slack

/eletype help Access the help screen

/eletype settings Configure company profile

/eletype add Add new connection

/eletype move Move connection to a new channel

/eletype remove Remove connection

/eletype list Lists all connections

/eletype run Directly run a monitor (only needed if you want to run monitoring on-demand)

/eletype feedback Form for sending feedback

/eletype account View your account, payment history, cancel

/eletype configure Configure specifics of a monitor

Partner News

Martech Utilization

As a marketing, it can feel overwhelming to try and use your entire stack. The majority of marketers felt they didn’t fully utilize the tools they had in their expanding Martech stack. In fact only about 9% of Marketers feel as if they are utilizing their stack completely. This reveals some interesting insights on the utilization and effectiveness of marketing technology.

You would imagine this is an easy problem to solve. Either learn the tools you have or stop using a bunch of tools you don’t need. It is not that easy and pruning down the tools you use may not make this easier at first. Based on Scott’s article he believes there are three categories to content with in your marketing stack:

  • FEATURES — what is technically possible with our martech stack
  • SKILLS — what we know how to do
  • VALUE — what will improve our business

Start there and you’ll come to a better utilization and understanding of what’s going on in your software stack.

Search Discovery

Search Discovery recently purchased Peachtree AI a technology services company that helps transition businesses into state-of-the-art, scalable organizations using artificial intelligence. Most businesses want to scale but have no idea how AI can help them get there. Search Discovery has gone about helping support these clients by assisting them in using artificial intelligence in a variety of scenarios. You can see this from industrial artificial intelligence to empowering executives and data scientists with winning AI strategies.

The goals of Search Discovery and Peachtree AI acquisition are simple. Create quicker roadmaps to AI. Most organizations stumble in this area because they don’t know which problems to tackle first. Search Discovery’s expert data and cloud engineering team leverages partnerships to bridge the gap in a matter of weeks, not years. Executives are usually under-equipped to identify and compete on data science opportunities. Search Discovery offers a complete approach to developing data literacy at every level of an organization.

360i Team

360i has bucked the trend when it comes to digital marketing agencies. Instead of fearing that clients will turn work in-house, 360i embraces and leans-in. Knowing that clients will find the work to be so integral to their success, 360i bets on this strategy. They believe clients will continue to grow with them whether ad-hoc or with fully integrated campaigns. The strategy has paid off. New business came in and doubled the pace from 2017.

What has been a game-changer for 360i is their focus on new mediums like voice-search. Marketing with voice-search on Alexa has proven to be a winner for 360i. The agency’s Alexa skill “Maze” campaign for HBO’s “Westworld” showed off both 360i’s creative and its ability to work with voice:  Users, via Amazon’s Alexa-enabled devices, take on the role of one of the robot “hosts” on their quests for sentience.

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