Marketing Operations Platform

Landing Page Monitoring on Slack with Eletype

Marketing Monitoring

Eletype is a comprehensive digital marketing monitoring solution that can take the pulse of the entire MarTech stack in real-time. We detect changes, problems, and anomalies and our algorithms quantify and filter alerts using a 100% messaging based solution that gets the right data to the right teams at the right time.

This is the last-mile in analytics. It’s how we turn insight into action and measurement into protection.

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Landing Page Monitoring on Slack with Eletype

Landing Page Monitoring

Tags and pixels can get really confusing for marketing teams and web teams to coordinate. Never get caught off guard by a sudden change again with our real-time monitoring of all landing pages across all of your campaigns.

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Landing Page Monitoring on Slack with Eletype
Ecommerce Monitoring on Slack with Eletype

E-commerce Monitoring

Ever wonder what happens when you send a click to an ecommerce site? Is the product in stock? Is it the right product? Can the user get to a check out page? Eletype is developing advance page and shopping cart monitoring that ensures each click your marketing teams sends to an ecommerce site can convert into a sale. Got questions? We would love to hear about your use cases. Contact us to learn more.

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