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The Eletype Digital Assistant

Stop losing time, money, and clients.

“Eletype caught it.”

If you don’t have Eletype, you won’t know what you’re missing — and that’ll cost
you! Find out more about messaging-based digital assistant and how we support your marketing operations below. Available in Slack and MS Teams!

Intelligent Notifications

Who can keep track of all those campaigns, dashboards and platforms? Not us, but thankfully computers can. Which is why your digital assistant will juggle all of your campaigns and deliver intelligent alerts directly to Slack or MS Teams. Now your team can bypass the platforms and work with the analytics that will drive your business forward.
  • Search  – Google Ads, Bing Ads and more…
  • Social – Facebook and Instagram marketing
  • Landing Pages – Ensure your pages can convert!
  • Email, Telephony and more…
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Landing Page Monitoring on Slack with Eletype

Landing Page and Site Monitoring

Never get caught off-guard by a sudden change in landing pages again with our real-time monitoring. Ensure that every click your marketing team sends to a site can convert into a sale with our advanced page, form and pixel monitoring.

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Landing Page Monitoring on Slack with Eletype

Automated Thresholds

Your digital assistant provides automatic daily summaries to help you stay on top of all your campaigns with zero work on your end. We then curate all the data to ensure your team can focus on what will make an impact that day, while keeping your eye on any anomalies that may disrupt your results. Never miss an opportunity with our self-service configurations to zero-in on the metrics that are driving your business forward.

Turn insights into action today!

Now available in Slack and MS Teams

Pricing That Scales With You

Designed to improve cost of operations so we don’t put a constraint on how many people use it.

Get Work Done

Workers spend 60% of their day on work about work. This is nearly double the amount of time they think they’re spending on busywork—searching for information, attending meetings, and chasing approvals—instead of actual work.

Bridge the Last Mile

The biggest challenge in any organization’s analytics journey is turning insights into outcomes—what we call the last mile, which is where the value of analytics is ultimately extracted.