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Q2 Product Update - Eletype

Q2 Product Update

By March 16, 2020 March 30th, 2020 No Comments

Keep Calm and Carry On

Well, things are getting a little weird out there! This pandemic is real. It is having a real impact on public health, the economy and our personal lives. We had hoped to focus on our amazing product update today. It’s full of lots of new features we can’t wait to tell you about, but first, our coronavirus email is not about precautions, diagnosis or treatment, you’ve no doubt have received a never ending stream of emails along those lines.

Today, let’s keep calm and carry on.

Keep calm? Carry on? Don’t you think this is serious? 

It is very serious, but remaining calm and looking at the bright side is not the same as making light of a situation. In fact, looking at the bright side acknowledges that there is a dark side. And this pandemic has plenty of darkside. People are sick, the economy is a rollercoaster and it’s impossible to tell if things are going to get better or if this is just the start. This might not be WWII, but when faced with adversity, the British reminded us to maintain courage, cheerfulness, and resolution. and to keep calm and carry on. So in the spirit of cheerfulness and resolution, how can we make the best of this situation? 

??️?- More time at home, less time in traffic: I spend between 2-3 hours per day driving in Atlanta traffic. Yeah, it’s that bad. It’s a huge time suck and I’m thankful for more time at home to focus on work and family.

⚽??‍♀️- Less kids activities: If you are like our family you are probably consumed by the weekly routine (soccer, scouts, music, church, birthday parties, etc). Our modern life makes it so easy to over do extracurricular activities that cancelations en masse can be liberating for families. Our weekends and weeknights are free, what will we do…

???- More family time: It’s like the holidays but with better weather and more hand washing. We are having more family meals and more family fun. Family fun? Like what?  Lego building contests, family movies, and I’m certain our family can beat your family in Fortnite.

At Eletype, we all have young families and we are all impacted in numerous ways (we are all homeschoolers now) but we are making it work. We are juggling, working from home, canceling in person customer meetings, and having many more video conferences. Which brings me to the next topic…

Coronavirus – Changing How We Work

Most of our readers are in the technology industry. We’ve all been used to teleworking and managing remote employees for at least a decade now. It is easy to forget that most working people haven’t had the flexibility our technology careers have afforded us.

Working remote, either when needed or by-design, is a luxury that many of us take for granted. Sure, it comes with trade-offs like the blurring of work-life boundaries, but flexible hours and teleworking is what makes modern life possible for many families.

Starting this past week enterprises all over the world are rapidly learning how to manage their workforces remotely. So while this pandemic is crippling the global economy, it also happens to be a perfect storm for companies in the collaboration software space. Video conferencing solutions like Zoom and Webex, and messaging platforms like Slack and MS Teams, are becoming critical tools in keeping business moving as we combat this pandemic.

Stewart Butterfield, the CEO of Slack, sums it up pretty well by saying“[Coronavirus] will probably have a pronounced short-term impact, and people are going to get used to certain ways of working. I think it will be a big change.” 

Further Slack says they have seen “surge of interest in its workplace-collaboration software”. Oh and they also beat quarterly estimates, though $WORK is down much like everything else over the past week.

The surge in demand for collaborative platforms this past week was so severe that MS Teams went down due to increased demand.

One thing is for sure, in 2020 we have never been more hyper-connected and hyper-responsive. Everything is turned up to 11 right now and while that should help us stem this crisis by creating an overabundance of caution it also creates an ever increasing sense of peril (have you seen the toilet paper aisle?).

Are things going to get worse or is this the new normal?  Right now, let’s maintain our resolve, look on the bright side and everyone, please, do your part to keep calm and flatten the curve.

Carry on,


Full product update below?

Q2 Product Update

Graphs in Mini-Reports

Graphs are here! This week, all mini-reports for Google, Facebook and Bing allow users to add a graph via Slack. Check it out ?

These new graphs enhance the existing mini-reports by adding trending information that compares the current time period to the previous. Each week look for additional graphable metrics as well as graphable anomaly and rule notifications. And later in Q2 we will be adding downloadable reporting that can be shared via Slack and email.

Fluctuation Rules

Rules have been updated and revised to support fluctuation percentage monitoring. Previously, Eletype only supported fixed threshold monitoring that allowed users to pick a specific metric for campaign monitoring. Based on customer feedback, we realized that sometimes it’s more important to monitor the fluctuation in the metric rather than the metric itself.

Now Eletype allows users to create 2 types of monitoring rules:

Threshold – A threshold rule allows you to set a specific value for any KPI.

Example: Alert me if my weekly spend ever drops below $2,000

Fluctuations  – A fluctuation rule allows you to set a percent change for any KPI.

Example: Alert me if my weekly spend ever changes by more than +/- 10% 

You can apply those rules at either Account or Campaign level.

We’ve written an in depth help article here: Creating a Monitoring Rule

And here is a flow chart that explains it graphically: Rule Flowchart

Rule notification messages also got a face lift for clarity and consistency.

There’s No Place Like App Home

We’ve taken full advantage of one of Slack’s newest features: App Home. Finally, each Slack app has a homepage that acts like a one-stop shop for all of our settings, configurations, and miscellaneous features.

First things first, how do I find it? Try this ?

Features now available via App Home include:


  • Edit Profile ?️
  • Subscription Info and Billing ?
  • Alert Schedule ?
  • Rule Configuration ⚙️
  • View Muted Notifications ?
  • Get Help ?‍♂️
  • Give Feedback ?


Pretty cool huh? We also wrote a help article about it here: Eletype App Home

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