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Q4 Product Update - Eletype

Q4 Product Update

By November 19, 2019 No Comments


Now that Techstars is in the rear view mirror we are delivering on all of the customer feedback received over the Summer. What’s new?

  • Campaign Mini-Reports
  • Bot Commands
  • Download Raw Data
  • Threaded Status Discussions
  • Revised Spend and Conversion
  • Rules: Date Range!

… and coming in December, look out for Bing Ad support!

Let’s dive in!

New Features for Digital Marketing Agencies

How can we make campaign management and monitoring easier at scale? We know agencies are overwhelmed and we heard you loud and clear, let’s dive in.

Note: These feature updates apply to Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads (and in December for Bing, but more on the later) 

Campaign Mini-Reports ?

Starting today you will see a new Report button under your Daily Summary message. Go ahead, click it, we will wait…

New Campaign Reports

? New Campaign Reports ?

Select your Campaign and your Date Range (Yesterday, 7 day, 14 day or 30 day) and then Create Report. ? Pretty cool huh?

Over the next few weeks look for additional report templates, graphs and share features. Stay tuned and let us know what you think!

Bot Commands ?

We’ve added bot commands to compliment our Slash commands. Why? Well, as much as we love Slash commands they are a little clunky, so starting today our bot will listen to your commands. Try it out!

Instead of “/eletype add”, try @eletype can you add a connection?” Like this:

Or try @eletype I need some help!”

Want to know how your campaigns are doing? Just ask!

Download Raw Data :

When grouping multiple Ad Accounts and hundreds of Campaigns together users can be faced with many threshold and anomalies. Eletype will curate and filter these automatically for you, but the question has always been what about the rest? This week we introduced a Download button which appears when there are more than 3 issues. ? Clicking the Download button will create a CSV file with raw monitoring data for a deeper dive. Like this:

New Download Raw Data Feature

New Download Raw Data Feature

Threaded Discussions ?

Should I use a channel for monitoring or discussion or both? That is a common question we get from users and, while it is less of an Eletype-specific question and more of a Slack-specific choice, we just added a new feature to help better answer that question. ?

Starting this week, when you Set Status on a notification, Eletype will automatically spawn a new Slack Thread. What’s a Thread? Great question! Threads are a little known, but very useful Slack feature that allows users to divert conversations into side threads.

Auto-Threaded Status Updates

Auto-Threaded Status Updates

This a subtle feature that we really think you are all going to love. Try it out and let us know!

Revised Spend and Conversion Summary ?

Spend and Conversion Summaries are lesser known features that got a little facelift recently. If you’ve never clicked on those buttons in your daily summary, now is a good time to try it out!

Each provide additional campaign summary information. Check it out:

Click on Spend and Conversions

Click on Spend and Conversions

Date Range in Rule Configuration ⚙️

User configured rules are based on an Ad Account, Metric and Campaign Filter… but the previous metrics supported were only daily matrics. Starting this week, users can change from daily, to 7 Day, 14 Day or 30 Day averages. Hopefully this clears up some confusion. ?

Roadmap and 2020

Later this year we will be releasing support for Bing Ads! Stay tuned for that! In addition, we are working on templates for Campaign Reports and share functionality for reports and alerts.

Try out these new features and send us feedback using the new bot commands!

@eletype I have some feedback for you”

Until next week, thanks for reading!

  • Michael Sengbusch

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