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Remembering our friend - Eletype

Remembering our friend

By November 8, 2019 No Comments

We bring you sad news today…

Darias Scott was our intern, a budding engineer, and our friend. He brought a smile and positivity to not only us at Eletype but the entire Techstars Atlanta office and I’m sure everyone else he meets. Tragically, Darias was in a fatal car accident last week. We are all at a loss at how this could happen to such a promising young man. He believed in family, God, and in his own ability to improve his station in life. He was working with us to become a software developer while also working at least two other jobs. We are proud to have had the chance to know Darias and we pray for his family during these dark times.

We’ve written about the value of mentoring interns and how we #GiveFirst by hiring and training junior developers from code academies.

My request to everyone reading this, if you want to honor Darias’ memory, please take a chance on a junior developer. Hire them. Train them. Nurture them. They will surprise you, believe me.

This week everyone here at Eletype and Techstars Atlanta is deeply saddened. Some thoughts and reflections on our friend Darias.

I had the pleasure of mentoring Darias and watching him grow everyday. He was such a hard working individual. He would work on one job starting at the early hours of the morning, go home, eat lunch at head up to Atlanta to work with us at Eletype until late at night. That level of dedication and drive is just one of the special characteristics that I valued in him, not to mention he was one of the kindest and most positive people I’ve worked with in all my years.

  • Matt Ledom

It was hard to be in a bad mood when Darias was around. He was always ready with a handshake or fist bump and a smile.

  • Brian Mullaney

Words fail to describe the loss of Darias.  He was one of the kindest individuals I have had the pleasure of knowing and he will be missed dearly. I am so thankful for the time spent learning from Darias and his memory will always be a positive influence in my life.  He will be a constant reminder to be kind to all and grateful for every opportunity. Thank you Darias for sharing your light.

  • Worth Macdonald

Darias was unwavering in his positive attitude, and his energy was infectious not only to the Eletype team, but to everyone else around him. He was working so hard towards his goal and had a bright future no matter what field he decided to go down. Every day I saw him he was so happy and appreciative to be at work, he loved what he did. The world needs more people like Darias. He will be missed.

  • Matt Gohr

Darias was our most positive and enthusiastic team member. He was a joy to be around and he was eager to learn. I am deeply saddened and shocked. We will miss him greatly.

  • Michael Sengbusch

We were all having food. Darias went to get his food and drink, and when he was coming towards where I was, I mentioned I needed to get a drink. Darias offered me his drink, I refused, but he insisted. He gave me his drink and then went to get one for himself. He was an incredibly considerate and kind person, and it’s a great tragedy that he’s gone now. He will be deeply missed.

  • Anik Khan

He was a super kind individual who was always smiling and took the time to ask how my day was. He was very genuine, happy, smart, and he will be sincerely missed. I am still in shock….

  • Tanner Hallan

I asked Darias what he loved most in the world and he didn’t blink — his answer was God. He lived like he meant that.

  • Danvers Fleury

Darias was so friendly and open – it was easy to get to know him. At the retreat, he played volleyball with us, talked about his healthy lifestyle and his faith, and started a chess rivalry with me that lasted through the end of Techstars (with Darias being the far superior player). It’s a tragedy to lose him so suddenly.

  • Daniela Tomas

Darias was an incredible person and I am thankful I got to meet him. I felt like we had a “special” relationship, and we did. The special thing about Darias was he had that same “special” relationship with everyone else he encountered. There were multiple days where I was stressed and Darias literally made my day by being so positive and genuine. I am devastated such a vibrant person is gone so young. RIP Darias

  • Collin Sanders

Darias was the definition of bright and good young man. He was always hungry to learn and never hesitated to help. I absolutely enjoyed my time getting to know him and his passion and hustle to learn, improve, and explore his own business ideas. He was humble, respectful, positive and just an overall fun person to be around. I’m crushed that I won’t be able to help him and watch him continue along his path. But I know he left a positive impact everywhere he went and he will truly be missed.

  • DeShawn Brown

Darias was so bright and always made me smile when he came up to greet me, which he always made sure to do. He was kind, passionate, and hardworking. He was positive and a bright light in our office. He will be missed and we will always remember his impact on our lives.

  • Whit Anderson

Darias always went out of his way to say hello to everyone in the office. He was a ray of light and someone who always made me smile. Life isn’t fair and he has left us far too soon. He will be missed.

  • Lydia Winkler

Darias had a genuine kindness and a spark that could light up and lift up whomever he spoke with. It was always a joy to talk with him. It was exciting to hear him speak about his plans and the work he was putting in to achieve those goals–passion, hard work, and a hunger to learn. Darias will be missed.

  • Kurt Grandis

In the short time that I knew Darias I could see how he impacted the lives of everyone that he touched. Always positive. Always smiling. He had a real impact on our Techstars class and we will miss him a lot.

  • Dave Payne

I only met with Darias a couple of times, but every time we talked he was so friendly and welcoming. He made me feel at home on the Eletype team, and I will miss seeing him around.

  • Cortlin De Maine

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