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Eletype now supports Facebook and Instagram marketing. With so many campaigns to manage we know you need a little CYA. Now we've got your social campaigns covered with Slack!



Real-time analysis and monitoring of all key Facebook marketing metics keeps your team on top of sudden deviations and anomalies. 


It's expensive to promote all of those social posts. Real-time sentiment and feedback monitoring will keep your team on the ball. 


Insight + Action = Success

Our recommendation engine and impact analysis helps you prioritize and take meaningful actions.

Facebook Monitoring

We've got all of your Facebook and Instagram marketing campaigns covered. 

Clicks, Impressions, Leads

Feedback and Sentiment

Payment Method 

Facebook Rules

Frequency and saturation and more...

More than monitoring

All businesses and campaigns are unique. Intelligent listening learns what is important to your team.

Impact analysis

Positive team feedback

Meaningful recommendations

Learning based on your needs

Eletype with Slack is FREE to try for 1 Ad Account

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Because marketing needs a CYA solution ASAP! 

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