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Hubspot Sales Now in Slack!

Daily Hubspot Sales insights and notifications directly in your favorite Slack workspace… and it’s free!


Drop Eletype into your team’s favorite Slack workspace. All account creation and configuration is done within the Slack app. It’s easy.


Make a new Slack channel for HubSpot, like #sales-pipeline. Authorize your HubSpot account and connect your Deal Pipeline to your Slack channel.


All set? Daily Deal Pipeline summaries and notifications will come directly to the Slack channel you selected. Simple and free.

Eletype is free to try for 1 HubSpot Pipeline
Click ‘Add to Slack‘ to give it a try.

Stay on top of the pipeline

Today’s deal pipelines are becoming more and more complicated by the day. Often times, the difference between a successful salesperson and a salesperson who is out of a job, is being able to quickly assess and take advantage of deal opportunities.

Share the love

When the sales team gets a win, everyone wins. Share the wins with the team in Slack using the Eletype Slack app to spread the good news. Make it fun. Thank everyone!

Deal updates for your team.

Real-time deal changes and pipeline updates keeps everyone on the same page. Next miss a beat. Stay on top of the changes, the wins and the losses.

Eletype is also great for:

Eletype is free to try for 1 HubSpot Pipeline
Click ‘Add to Slack‘ to give it a try.

Hubspot Sales Slack

  • Daily Pipeline Summary
  • Most Recent Win
  • Newest Deal
  • Deal Update
  • Deal Loss
  • Deal Won

Slash Commands

  • How do I add connections?
      • /eletype add
  • How do I move a connection to a different channel?
      • /eletype move
  • How do I remove a connection?
      • /eletype remove
  • Can I make my own monitoring rules?
      • /eletype configure
  • Have feedback? We want to hear!
      • /eletype feedback

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