Landing Page Health... now in Slack

Brand new in Eletype: Landing page monitoring in Slack. You're spending a lot of money driving traffic to a lot of pages. No need to worry, we've got you covered. 



Real-time monitoring of all landing pages across search and social marketing campaigns. 

Tags & Pixels 

Tags and pixels can get really confusing for you and your web team. Never get caught off guard by a sudden change again. 


With our Google Analytics Integration we've got your pages covered. 

Marketing + Web

Often times the web team and the marketing team are, not only different people, but often different offices and company. Eletype helps bring teams together. 

Uptime and redirect checks

Render and response times

Tag and Pixel monitoring 

Cross-team collaboration 

More than monitoring

All businesses and campaigns are unique. Intelligent listening learns what is important to your team.

Impact analysis

Positive team feedback

Meaningful recommendations

Learning based on your needs

Eletype with Slack is FREE to try for 1 Ad Account

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