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Summer 2019 Release Preview - Eletype

Summer 2019 Release Preview

By July 8, 2019 September 17th, 2019 No Comments

Summer Product Update ⛱️☀️

We hope everyone enjoyed the holiday week ??. We’ve had a busy few months building out some big new product features and we are so excited to see it all come together.

We’ve really been looking forward to this update that includes a new and improved daily summary for Google/Facebook/Instagram and the long anticipated self-service monitoring configuration feature.

Self-service Monitoring Rules ?

Over the past year we’ve worked hard on our anomaly and opportunity detection algorithms, but we knew there still needed to be a self-service way for teams to set their own KPI’s and thresholds to monitor.

Starting this month, teams can now use “/eletype configure” to configure their own rules for the following KPIs:

  • Cost-per-Click
  • Click-thru-Rate
  • Total Conversions
  • Cost-per-Conversion
  • Conversion Rate
  • Cost-per-Impression (CPM)
  • Ad Account Spend
  • Landing Page Load Time
  • Relevance Score (Facebook-only)
  • Frequency (Facebook-only)
  • Quality Score (Google-only)
  • Impression Share (Google-only)
  • Avg. Position (Google-only)

Check it out:

Self-service rule builder available this month!

Self-service rule builder available this month!

Improved Daily Summary ?

Long overlooked while we were working on additional connection types, our daily summaries for Google/Facebook/Instagram are getting a facelift.

Daily summaries now include month-to-date spend, yesterday spend, and spend limit progress. We’ve also added a Spend and Conversion button to dive into a little more detail about the monitored connections.

New Daily Summary for Google/Facebook

New Daily Summary for Google/Facebook

HubSpot Connect ?

Later this month look for our HubSpot connection to be available in the HubSpot Connect directory. Connect Eletype to your HubSpot pipeline and get a daily Pipeline Summary and real-time deal change notifications.

New HubSpot Deal Notifications

New HubSpot Deal Notifications

What’s with all the outages lately?? ?

It felt like everything online was problematic this over the past few weeks. June started off with major a Google Cloud outage. That issue was blamed on a “routine but faulty configuration change”, you know, one of those mundane details…

i awlays do that. I always mess up some mundane detail.

Then on June 24, Cloudflare dropped 15% of its global traffic which they in turn blamed on Verizon. This impacted Amazon among others. And was repeated again on July 2nd when Cloudflare had another outage! This time it was blamed on an internal code push. Also on July 2nd, Google had outage! Then on July 3rd all of the Facebook suite was down in varying degrees. Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp were all impacted by a major issues. Facebook took to Twitter (ironically) to explain the problems. And on the same day Twitter was suffering from outages!

Happy 4th of July…. aaaaand Apple iCloud was down for 3 hours! Almost every iCloud service was impacted including  App Store, Apple ID, Apple Pay and Apple TV.

Most relevant to us here at Eletype, Slack had outages on June 28th.

Sure, this was annoying, but we should all really stop to think about how dependent we are on cloud-based services and how fragile those services really are. What if these outages were more than a few hours? What if things were down or impacted for more  than a few days? Weeks? What if security or safety systems were impacted? Something to ponder this summer ?.


That’s all for this week! I hope everyone is enjoying their summer,


Co-founder // CEO


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Eletype is a leader in team-based digital marketing technology. Eletype is working with digital advertising agencies, specifically with search and social media teams to help automate their campaign monitoring. Our 100% messaging-first approach is what we call ‘last-mile’ analytics. We turn insight into action so marketing agencies can save time, reduce mistakes, and improve performance for their clients.

Eletype is a Slack, Mailchimp, HubSpot and CallRail partner. Eletype is a Techstars backed company.

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