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Details on Account Creation via Slack 

New Eletype accounts are automatically created during the Slack installation process

Good news! Your account is automatically created when you install the Slack App to your workspace. All new accounts are approved for 1 Ad Account. If you like the product and would like authorization for additional Ad Accounts, please contact us to move to a paid account. 

Slash Commands for Slack


/eletype help

Both of these commands will produce the Help message seen here. This message will continually be updated with brief descriptions of all slash commands available in the Eletype Slack App. 

/eletype welcome

The welcome message is displayed upon initial install. If you'd like to see the welcome message again, this is how you do it. 

/eletype settings

All Slack App settings can be accessed in the dialog box shown here. 

This dialog box will support all new options and features that are added in the future. 

/eletype add

/eletype add [ad account #]

Use these command to add new Ad Accounts to Eletype. Currently supports Google AdWords, Facebook and Instagram accounts. No need to specify the channel, we will auto-detect which channel it is. 

Use [ad account #] to bypass the message and add the account directly. 

Example: /eletype add 123456

This is the message that shows that the request was sent to either Google or Facebook

Once the user approves the request in Google or Facebook, this is the automatic message from Eletype:

Error message indicating the account was not added

/eletype remove

/eletype remove [ad account #]

Use these commands to remove an Ad Account.

Use [ad account #] to bypass the message and remove the account directly. 

Screenshot not available

/eletype run

Use this command to run all monitoring for a specific Ad Account. 

Note: All monitoring is done in the background at regular intervals. Only use this command to test or verify when needed. 

Screenshot not available

/eletype list 

Use this command to list all Ad Accounts that have been either authorized or requested. 


Sample Notifications

Here are several examples of Eletype notifications and alerts. We currently support the following:

- Campaign Monitoring

- Landing Page Checks

- Impact Analysis 

- Recommendations

Using the Demo Account

Demo Account = 123456

Any user can use the following commands with our test account:

/eletype add 123456

/eletype remove 123456

/eletype run 123456

Contact Us 

If you need additional help please contact us directly using any of the following methods:

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