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New Product Video!

December 25th  - To support our growing list of partnerships, we are happy to announce, that coming in January, Eletype will now support Email and Telephony. Want to see it all in action?! Here is our new video! Merry Christmas! 

Eletype - Startups To Watch In 2019

December 11th  - AmericanInno - In the spirit of Atlanta's collaborative tech community, we've decided to share a bit of our insights with you. Using our expertise, we've come up with 19 early-stage startups that are really making waves in the A.

Two Types of Marketing Technologists

November 26th - The chief marketing technologist will be working with two types of people: those that are marketers by trade and those that are engineers by trade. Blog post here. 

Eletype Featured in Agency Spotter

November 26th  -  "5 Questions To Ask Your Agency About Martech"

Let’s change our perspective: Instead of marketers selecting technology, today let’s be technologists selecting marketing tools. What questions should we be asking internally and of our agency partners?

Eletype Featured in Slack Blog

October 30th  -  "5 new apps to streamline communication" 

Keep tabs on your ads with Eletype!  We are very honored to be featured in the Slack blog! 


Southern Startup Report - Eletype

September 26th -  "Sound Ventures partner Effie Epstein pointed to Denver, Austin and Miami as the most promising U.S. markets for tech startups and investing" - Eletype explains why Atlanta should be in the mix. 


Eletype Startup Battle Interview 

September 24th - Learn all about our experience with Atlanta Startup Battle and TechSquare Labs in this interview with our CEO Mike Sengbusch. Winning startup battle considerably accelerated our early growth!


Eletype Selected for Venture Atlanta Showcase

September 20th - Eletype has been selected as a Startup Showcase Company at this year’s Venture Atlanta conference, October 16-17 at the Southern Exchange @ 200 Peachtree. Read the full press release here. Or read the the blog here. 


Featured Article: So you're looking for the next Silicon Valley

September 20th - At a time of "peak-valley", is it time for Atlanta to rise up? Read our featured article in Hypepotamus.  


Eletype West Coast Trip 

September 4th - Learn more about our west coast trip to TechCrunch Disrupt and our visit to Pinterest and Slack HQ. Blog post here


Authorization & Slash Commands

August 30th - We are announcing a major change in our ad account authorization process. Also, learn about all of our Slack slash commands. More details here.


We are going to TechCrunch Disrupt

August 25th - Eletype has been selected to exhibit at the annual TechCrunch Disrupt conference. What's it all about? Details here


Understanding Our Audience

August 23rd - An open letter to MarTech vendors and our thoughts on dashboards and collaborative tools like Slack. Full blog post here


What is Landing Page Monitoring?

August 17th - Our latest product update talks all about Landing Page monitoring. Full update here. 


What is Campaign Monitoring?

August 6th - How do we do Campaign Monitoring? What is covered? What is not? And what are we planning? Full update here. 


Featured Article on Hypepotamus.com

July 25th - Marketing Teams Have Too Much Data, So Eletype Sends You What You Need to Know — Over Slack! - Full post here


What is upcoming for Product Hunt?

July 25th - Everything in scope for our Product Hunt launch. Read full update here


4 Things to Love about Ship 

July 25th - We just started using Ship by Product Hunt. We like it. Here are 4 reasons why. 


Information Security on Slack

July 20th - Is Slack right for my company's data? We take a deep dive into security concerns and safeguards for Slack and Enterprise Grid. An excellent blog post by our CTO here


3 reasons we love MarTech fragmentation

June 30th - MarTech fragmentation, is it a problem or opportunity for your startup? We love it! Learn why here


Slack Apps on Twitter

June 30th - We are happy to be part of the Slack ecosystem so we created a Twitter list to follow everyone. You can check it out here. 


What's in a name?

June 24th - The story behind the name 'Eletype'. Read about it here


Validation on Collaboration

June 21st - Our thoughts on why we chose Slack and are betting on a collaboration-first approach to marketing analytics. Full blog post here. 


Eletype winner in Atlanta Startup Battle

May 9th - Full recap of the 4th Annual Atlanta Startup Battle. Eletype announced as one of 3 companies to win investment from TechSquare Labs.


Eletype selected for ATDC Showcase 

May 9th - Eletype is selected to showcase with ATDC during Atlanta Innovation week.  Details here. 


Eletype Joins ATDC as an Accelerate Company

May 1st - Company Profile here


Eletype listed in MarTech 5000 supergraphic

April 24th - Our little logo is in a really big graphic! Check it out here.


Eletype Approved for the Slack App Directory

April 18th - Eletype is proud to announce we are now in the Slack App Directory. 

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