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We Will Emerge For The Better - Eletype

We Will Emerge For The Better

We Will Emerge For The Better

If we’ve learned anything from the past month, it’s that no business will emerge from this pandemic unchanged. The question is “Will you emerge for the better?”.

What a great question! A mentor asked me that question recently and I answered emphatically “Yes. We were made for this.”

Having been inspired by an interview with Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield, I wrote it on my whiteboard and then started asking our customers and partners the same question. Will you emerge from this better? The level of positivity and grit in their responses continues to motivate me which is why I’m pleased to announce the next phase of our webinar series. Starting next week, please join us for We Were Made For This.

Getting The Most Out Slack

We’ve spent the past month talking with customers, partners, and people from all over the country helping them to get the most out of Slack. We knew heading into this that many, if not most, organizations were underutilizing Slack. We thought now would be an opportune time to share our expertise and help businesses emerge from this pandemic as a more efficient and effective workforce by using tools like Slack.

Our weekly webinars have helped hundreds of people become better remote leaders through a variety of topics including:

  • How to implement Slack effectively
  • How to reduce noise and manage Slack channels
  • Slack apps, workflows, and Slash commands
  • Slack administration and security

All of the recordings are posted publicly on our blog here: Getting The Most Out Of Slack Webinars – Enjoy!

Getting The Most Out Of The New Normal

So what’s next? Starting next week, we are inviting our customers and partners to share how they are adapting and managing their teams during this pandemic.

Our new webinar series is called We Were Made For This and it will include topics such as:

  • Adapting to a fully remote organization
  • Best practices (what’s working and what’s not)
  • What tools are helping the most
  • What changes are likely to be permanent
  • Slack feature that everyone should know about

So with that, I’m proud to announce my co-hosts for the first three webinars:

I’m expecting lively discussion, amazing insight, and pragmatic tips that will hopefully leave everyone feeling like we all will emerge from this better.

You can register here ?


In the meantime, enjoy the previous webinars and let us know how we can help you!

Keep calm, carry on,

Michael Sengbusch

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Michael Sengbusch

Michael Sengbusch

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