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Where Work Happens In The New Normal - Eletype

Where Work Happens In The New Normal

Where Work Happens In The New Normal

For many of us we are entering week 3 of our new normal. The kids are home from school and, unless you are in an essential business, you are working from home as well. As I write this, over ⅓ of the global population is on lockdown and President Trump extends social distancing guidelines until the end of April.

It certainly seems like our new normal is going to extend into the Summer which means businesses everywhere break down into 3 groups:

  1. Essential
  2. Closed
  3. Adaptable

To the people in Group 1, we are thankful and blessed to have you out there either directly fighting the pandemic (doctors and nurses and first responders) or keeping the economy moving (truckers and delivery people). ??‍⚕?‍♂️

For the people in Group 2, and there are a lot of you, our hearts go out to you. Group 2 got big quickly and isn’t going to get any smaller any time soon. Let’s be thankful initial relief is on the way ??

The rest of us are in Group 3.  ??‍?

Last week I talked about looking on the brightside because many of us are fortunate enough to work for companies that can adapt to this crisis by moving either partially or completely to remote workforces.

Our problems right now consist of homeschooling, lack of paper products, wearing gloves to the store and cabin fever. (though we are also running a startup and startups are always just on the verge of moving into Group 2 without having to deal with coronavirus, so there’s that.) But business leaders all over the country are learning how to manage an increasingly remote workforce.

Business That Can Adapt

Any business that has more than one location has been used to conference calls for more than a half a century now. And for the vast majority of us the idea of a video conference is commonplace, albeit still rife with A/V issues and connectivity problems (Is everyone on? Can you hear me? Is this on? Can someone go on mute? We can’t see your screen.)

Video conferences are so embedded in modern office culture that companies like WebEx have become synonymous for any video conference invite. “Can you send out a webex?” could literally mean a Zoom meeting or Google Hangouts or whatever your company prefers.

Webex and Zoom are surging due to the current pandemic and becoming essential tools to keep businesses connected. But video conferences, while great for remote meetings, aren’t great for everything else.

This is where collaborative tools and messaging platforms come in. We’ve covered this topic extensively in our blog, but suffice it to say, Slack stock is at a 6-month high ($WORK) and MS Teams is suffering outages due to demand (again).

This is also where a lot of companies are struggling right now. Workplace messaging and collaboration software is new. It’s more than just a work chat app. And after surveying our customers we realized that we have vastly under appreciated just how unfamiliar most companies, even technically savvy companies, are with how to implement and take advantage of tools like Slack and MS Teams.

We live and breath Slack. We often take it for granted that many companies just don’t understand this platform as well as we do. And that gave us an idea

Giving Back

As Slack moves from being a tool used by teams to a tool used by the entire enterprise, we thought it would be great to offer a webinar to help business leaders maximize their investment in Slack. It’s more than a chat tool! it can change how you run your business during this crisis and lay the groundwork for a long term transformation in how your organization collaborates.

Topics covered:

  • When to use Slack (aka when not to use email)
  • Is it noisy in here? How to cut down on the noise in Slack.
  • Slack features you didn’t know about.
  • Why you should be on the paid version of Slack.
  • What are Slack apps and which ones should you install asap.
  • Q&A

Our first webinar will be this Thursday at 2pm ET. And you can register here ?


We will try to cover a lot in 30 minutes and then leave 10 minutes for Q&A. If these are successful we may break them up into individual webinars for each topic, but for now I hope everyone finds this helpful.

The new normal is going to have to be adaptable, flexible and remote. Slack can be a game changer for businesses and organizations of all sizes. It’s also a new medium that can be confusing and noisy if not rolled out properly.

In the meantime, stay safe, stay calm and flatten the curve,


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Michael Sengbusch

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