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Stop budget killing mistakes
before they happen.

Gain confidence by instantly tracking all of your digital campaigns directly from Slack or MS Teams with automatic performance checks.
Eletype’s smart notifications keep your team focused on what matters most.

What our clients
love about Eletype

Less monotony – more imagination

Automate daily campaign check-ins to get back to what you love.

Scale campaigns not headcount

Take on more clients without overworking your team. We’ve got you covered, it’s ok!

Cover your
blind spot

Identify campaign blind spots and threats proactively. Be a hero!

24/7 Peace of mind

Rest easy knowing that we always have your back. And since we are 100% message based, just open up Slack or MS Teams and the answers come to you.

  • Daily Campaign Summaries
  • Landing Page Status
  • ROAS trends
  • Conversion reports
  • Threshold Monitoring and more…

Intelligent Collaboration

Our philosophy is that siloed information hurts collaboration. That is why we don’t have a web portal to login into, and we don’t charge per user. With us, everyone on your team is on our team.

  • Team-first data
  • Quantified and Curated
  • Delivered at the right time
  • In the right place!

Try Eletype

Get out of dashboards and back to creating what you love.

Nothing is worse to a CMO than a bunch of random charts and graphs. Don't just show me data. Tell me what it means and what actions we need to take

Jeff PerkinsCMO, ParkMobile

Eletype brings me and my team invaluable peace of mind. We rest easy knowing that it is vigilantly keeping watch on our campaigns and will notify us of any anomalies. The real time notifications are an additional measure of support for our agency and our clients.

Chris EverettCEO, CaptivateSEO

I love that Eletype alerts my teammates of what is going on so I don’t have to write ANOTHER email.

Sydney WattsSocial Media Manager, Marketwake

I've followed the development of Eletype for some time. You'd be silly not to incorporate this into your marketing stack.

Andrew EgenesCEO, Layr

Eletype is built for the agile marketing leader.Identifying broken digital experiences and wayward spend, Eletype actively keeps the marketing spend always optimized for our clients and their partners.

Anand ThakerStrategic Advisor and MarTech Industry Insider

The biggest challenge with managing multi-channel digital campaigns? Staying on top of them, wherever you are. Campaigns don’t always perform the way we think they will – spikes, dips, anomalies, etc. Knowing is the first step. Eletype changes everything.

Scott HannanHead of Product Marketing, Pinterest

Eletype is on the way to becoming one of the most used and totally essential pieces of digital marketing technology there is.

Evan LaPointeFounder, CORE

Finally someone understands that marketing professionals DON'T NEED ANOTHER DASHBOARD! Just tell me when I have a problem and help me fix it. Way to go Eletype team!

Darren HearschCIO, Canduit Connection

In growth and performance marketing, our competitive differentiator is our ability to rapidly adapt and react to trends in campaign data. Last mile analytics is crucial to taking timely and meaningful action.”

Adam RoeManaging Partner, FourtyFour

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